Three Powerful Credit Risk Analysis Solutions in One Integrated Offering

Look at credit risk from different angles to sharpen perspectives and avoid surprises. The integration of default and recovery tools with scoring models produces even more dynamic risk measures.

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Offers an extensive database that provides a strong statistical foundation to assess ratings migration, default and recovery rates across geographies, regions, industries and sectors.

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Provides an easy, efficient and cost-effective method to help you evaluate an organization's creditworthiness by creating quantitatively-derived estimates of creditworthiness ("credit scores") for thousands of public and private firms.

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PD Model

A suite of globally applicable statistical and econometric Probability of Default (PD) models for non-financial Corporations and Banks. Along with the ability to generate a PD for a proprietary set of financials, the PD Model suite includes access to a scored database for thousands of public and private firms, over multiple time horizons.

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